The secrets of the Kudumbiyas

A brief of the unexplored hidden places in Wayanad which boasts of natural beauty, rich history and culture.

When the Kudumbiyas the earliest community to migrate to Wayanad existed they had within them many untold stories of this magical land. When modernisation happened over time and the land became known as Wayanad, some of the most beautiful destinations became “sight-seeing” spots, residential areas and estates. Some of them are still not fully disclosed to the eyes of a traveller visiting Wayanad for a short getaway.

Wayanad even today is a story not fully told where the hills, forests, wild, monuments and the early people have their share to be purely experienced. With the luxury of technology and as the world gets smaller, it has become easy to be informative on the past and present of the destination. Apart from the usual eateries and luxury resorts in Wayanad there is more to be discovered. Eventough, as the saying goes- ‘So much of who we are is where we have been’, the adventure of discovering a place is unparallel to any armchair tourism. One can have an ideal holiday in any of the resorts in Wayanad but what makes a destination special is its power to connect with the visitor. Here is a list of certain places which are still unexplored but who has an enriched tale of history, culture and beauty to tell.

Seetha Mount:

As per the local folk Ramayana, it is believed that Goddess Seetha after being abandoned spent time in the forests here in an Ashram of Valmiki. It is believed that the goddess gave birth to her sons from here. Most of the surrounding regions, mountains and rivers are named from various folk stories basing this concept. The area today is in the region of Pulpally in Wayanad and can be easily accessed from major towns, city centres and resorts in Wayanad.

The Lava-Kusha temple:

Pulpally in Kerala also has the only Lava-Kusha temple in Kerala. It is believed that goddess Sita gave birth to Lava and Kusha from here. Constructed as a temple by the Pazhashiraja, the region is called the best place to read and explain the iconic Ramayana. The temple and the nearby Ashram still exists and is popular among localites. In the month of Karkidaka (Monsoon) special rituals take place. It is also believe that when Lava and Kusha where bitten by leaches, the goddess of earth got hurt and cursed the leaches making Pulpally one of the only areas in Wayanad without leaches.







Puthumala Kashmir:

One of the most beautiful areas in eastern Wayanad, Puthumala got its nick name “Kashmir” from its elegant hills, cold breeze, the silent river flowing by the side, lush forests surrounding it and the sprawling tea estates. The area is currently full of green tea plantations and small colonial style residences (paddy’s) of workers. It is one of the most recommended places in Wayanad to go for a Bicycle tour. Puthumala can also be an exciting drive from any of the best resorts in Wayanad.

900 Kandi:

For the off road lovers this one is definitely a ‘no to miss’. The rocky paths within the rainforests, the streams and mini waterfalls, the sight of misty hills and the feeling you get altogether make 900 kandi an unforgettable dream journey. You need a 4*4 jeep to experience the route as the bumpy road makes it impossible for regular cars to pass. The stream flowing by and the majestic western ghat hills in the backdrop once you reach the top, make you feel never want to leave. You can rent a 4*4 jeep from any resorts in Wayanad to visit the place.







Kadachikunnu Falls:

This not very popular less touristy destination will give you thrills. The Kadachikunnu waterfalls is tucked away from major towns in a remote location where the water flows from the mountains to the adjoining river splashing itself on rocks and grass life around. The flow of water is surrounded by freshness of the evergreen forest. It is an ideal place for a family swim and the ideal time to visit is from September to February.


Set in a picturesque location with a spectacular view of the Meenmutty waterfalls, Neelimala is a hillock in Wayanad that can attract both nature lovers and adventure seekers. The path to the peak is a mix of lush forests, flower beds, coffee plantations and grass lands. Neelimala is situated in Vaduvanchal close to the state border with Tamil Nadu. Mist cladded mountains, a variety of birds and the gushing milky fall of the Meenmutty waterfalls await the traveller reaching its peak.











Eventhough not directly in Wayanad, this beautiful waterfall is very close to the district and deserves to be on this list.

‘Thusgaragiri’ which means snow capped mountain has 3 waterfalls namely ‘Thenpara’, ‘Eratumukku’ and ‘Mazhavil Chattam’. Two streams originating from the Western ghats meet in Thusharagiri to make the famous ‘Chalipuzha’ river. Tusharagiri is also a well recommended trekking spot with a exhilarating 8 kilometre trek. Surrounding the waterfalls are the soothing streams and green forests which adds to its beauty. The best time to visit is from July to December.


Pakshipathalam’ is a bird sanctuary and a trekking spot. One of the most frequented locations by birds in the state ‘Pakshipathalam’ is an abode for bird spotters and trekkers offering stunning views in a naturally enriched environment. The trek passes through caves and grasslands where you can spot en number of birdlife. A portion of the hill is in Karnataka and is known as the ‘Brahmagiri hills’ from which the popular ‘Papanashini’ river flows to irrigate the area. The destination is one of the top recommends of most of the best resorts in Wayanad.










These are only some of the hidden gems or ‘not very touristy’ places in Wayanad which can be accessed from any Wayanad resorts or places of stay. The list can go on but it is upto the traveller to discover and feel the place.