Which is the best area to stay in Wayanad and When?

With an enriched biodiversity ranging from evergreen forests, tea estates, heritage monuments, culture, colonial style bungalows and many more. Sharing its borders with 2 states (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) and well connected by roads, Wayanad is also easily accessible.

The best area to stay in Wayanad is a subjective affair where, if one is searching for sprawling tea estates, hills ,ever green forests and spectacular mountain views , Meppadi can be an ideal choice. Areas including Vythiri, Lakkidi and Chundale are known for the bio- diversity, plantations and forests. Areas near Sulthan Bathery can be an ideal choice for Wild life, a semi deciduous flora, shopping and easy accessibility. Kalpetta being the center town of Wayanad also has good accessibility and offers good choice for shopping. Mananthavady is another area in Wayanad where culture, heritage and natural biodiversity can be experienced. Some of the popular best resorts in Wayanad and luxury resorts in Wayanad are also situated in these areas.  It is not difficult to find resorts in Wayanad of different price categories in all these destinations.

Wayanad being a destination where the experiences and attractions are not confined to one area alone, it is ideal for a traveller to spend at least two days for experiencing the place. If one has a lot of sightseeing options in their bucket list, two days might not be enough or can be jam packed. Diversity is what makes Wayanad special. The offerings and experiences in Wayanad is such that the entire length and breadth of the place has something special to offer. We recommend the travelers to get an idea on the type of offerings at each place and the distance between them to properly plan your itinerary. Your choice of Wayanad resorts, hotels, homestays etc and their location can also play a crucial factor in covering major tourist places in Wayanad. Some of the best resorts in Wayanad might have a travel desk to assist you in the same.

Accommodation options catering to various preferences and budgets can be easily found in Wayanad. Homestays, farm stays, Boutique resorts, City hotels, wellness, experiential hotels, Wayanad resorts etc contribute in making the choice available in Wayanad vast. The choice of accommodation should be ideally chosen with ones priorities including reason of travel, sightseeing plans (if any), accessibility, duration of stay etc.  Wayanad resorts and hotels are of different theme, category and prices and you could easily choose one according to your personal preferences. The resorts in Wayanad can range from budgeted to premium as well from city hotels to exclusive getaways. Apart from the regular tourist places in Wayanad, one could go for a fine ride between tea estates, trek the beautiful hills, try their hands on the adventurous zipline, visit a tribal chieftain, shop for spices, enjoy rafting in a river or just have a lazy holiday absorbing the rhythm of the place.

Season of the visit plays a very important role in the biodiversity and easiness of commutation of particular areas. The entire season can be categorized into- ‘Venal’ (Summer), ‘Varsham’ (Monsoon) and ‘Shishiram’ (Winter). The summer months are from March to May where the temperature can range from 24C in the evenings to 30C in the noon. The forests are normally dry and the wind is normally warm during these seasons. Even though one does not experience severe heat it is advisable to carry sun screens, hats and casual clothing. The choice of accommodation or Wayanad resorts, can also impact the temperature experienced.

Monsoon starts from June and can last till mid September. Monsoon is truly magical and Wayanad displays the tumultuous beauty of its glory Cloudy sky, mist cladded mountains, popping sun rays, drizzling lashing rains with a cool wind accompanying all of it. The temperature can be ranging from 20C to 25C. The annual rainfall is between 4000mm to 3000mm. An ideal time to be in some of the luxury resorts in Wayanad, monsoon in Wayanad can be truly fascinating.

The winter seasons are from November to February. In this season, the trees are in full bloom, the flowers blossom and greenery is everywhere. This season is massively regarded as the best time to visit Wayanad.

The ideal place to stay or visit in Wayanad has to be carefully decided after analyzing logistics, the terrain of the area at the given time and what one wants. Since Wayanad is a vast district where the areas of interest are spread it would be recommended to choose an area for your stay which is comfortably accessible from the desired experiences in your itinerary.

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