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  • One of the best resorts in Wayanad, had an amazing experience. The people, food, theme and everything literally was top notch. A must visit one I would recommend among the choice of many luxury resorts in Wayanad. Has definitely set a new benchmark on experiential hospitality. Will be back soon.

    Patrick Brown, September 2019
  • Had an amazing experience at After the Rains luxury resort in Wayanad. The stay and the ambience was overall a redefining experience. Had a choice of many resorts in Wayanad but this one will stay special. Will be back for sure. One of the best locations and forest properties I have been to.

    Sarah Wonte, February 2020

  • A well maintained boutique which offers wholesome offerings to the travellers. Had stayed previously in some of the few resorts in Wayanad, but the After the Rains experience was unique. One of the best resorts in Wayanad,in my experience. A must visit hotel to be added in your bucket list.

    Smrithi Malhi, December 2019
  • Staying here is like a beautiful story not fully told. The magic they create calls you back every time you plan a holiday. Was very fortunate to spend my holiday with at After the Rains,a truly experiential Wayanad resort. Definitely recommended for families and friends longing for a break!

    Philippe Herve, July 2018

  • The best forest property I have recently been to. From a choice of Wayanad resorts,we chose Afterthe Rains as a last minute travel plan, only to have one of our best holidays. Would rate it as one of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad which exceeds all your expectations.

    Ajay Aditya Verma, January 2020
  • A gem in the vast list of resorts in Wayanad, true to its experiential and local theme. There was absolutely nothing I did not like about the place. The service being a new resort was something you find in a 5 star. Definitely one of the best resorts in Wayanad.

    Pratyush Singhania, March 2019
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"Kattunaykar" the hunter clan of Wayanad speaks "paniyah", one of the oldest languages of
the Dravidian family which is inspired from Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit.

The Asian palm civet which is found in the area, eat and poop coffee berries
which are globally used for making "Kopi Luwak" the most expensive coffee.

Countless evidences about New Stone Age civilization
can be seen on the hills of Wayanad.

The prices of pepper from Wayanad were extremely high in the Middle Ages and
the trade was completely dominated by the Romans. Black pepper, termed black gold, was used as currency.

During monsoon, it is the practice of tribal communities of Wayanad to collect wild edible leaves, wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots
and wild crabs and prepare nutritious food.

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